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The Sedona Korean American Association (SKAA) has roots dating back to 1997, and was established as a full-service organization in 2005.

As a non-partisan, non-profit community-based organization dedicated to serving the various needs of Sedona Korean-Americans, SKAA endeavors to coordinate community activities, educational and cultural activities, and promoting & preserving beautiful Sedona with various other district and ethnic organizations to pursue the spirit of Hongik, a Korea founding philosophy translated in Love for Humanity and Love for the Earth.


President – Dami Kim


For the last 20 years, Dami Kim has been actively inspiring people through workshops and events to improve their well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She is a Master Trainer and Tao Master of mind/body workshops by Body & Brain, for which she has been serving as CEO since 2015. As a successful business woman, she is also a consultant for Power Brain Education and is an advocate for Brain Education–a progressive convergence of traditional Eastern practices for energy development and mindfulness fused with Western research from neuroscience and education.

Dami is also a Certified Life Coach and Certified Brain Management Consultant who has coached entrepreneurs and educators, medical professionals, members of congress, as well as executives and celebrities.
Through the work of the  Solar Body Agency, she hopes to continue to spread light in local and global communities. Visit her office at 340 Jordan Road, Sedona AZ.

Secretary – Joy Kim 

Marketing & PR – Eunjin Lim

Board Members – Dawoon Wang, Naeun Kim, Jiyoung Oh, Steve Kim 

세도나 북아리조나 한인회는 1997년도에 한인이 세도나에 처음 이주한 이래 2005년도부터 본격적인 활동을 시작하게 되었습니다.

‘인간사랑 지구사랑’으로 표현되는 한국의 건국이념인 홍익 스피릿을 알리고자 비영리 커뮤니티 기반의 단체로써 세도나 북아리조나 한인회는 각종 교육과 문화 커뮤니티 활동에 참여하고 있습니다.

임원진 안내

제 5대 한인회장 – 다미 킴

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지난 20년동안 다미킴 회장은 각종 워크샾과 이벤트를 통해 홀리스틱 웰빙을 알려온 타오 매스터입니다. 바디앤브레인의 CEO이자 파워브레인 에듀케이션의 컨설턴트이며 기업가, 교육자, 의료계 종사자들, 정치인들, 인기연예인들을 대상으로 라이프코치와 브레인 매니지먼트 컨설팅을 해오고 있습니다.

자세한 활동사항은 솔라바디 에이전시 Solar Body Agency를 방문해주시기 바랍니다.
340 Jordan Road, Sedona AZ.
사무총장 – 조이 킴 

마케팅 & PR – 임은진

보드 멤버 – 왕다운, 김나은, 오지영, 스티브 킴