What We Do

The Sedona Korean American Association (SKAA) provides a wide range of community services that include hosting or sponsoring various cultural event providing  scholarship and awards for local students, and promoting volunteerism amongst our membership base.

Hosting cultural events

In collaboration with The Federation of Korean Associations, government agencies, Sedona businesses, and other non-profit organizations, SKAA has initiated and organized various projects and events across Northern Arizona. The main project and event is the Annual Sedona Lunar New Year Cultural Festival in Feb.

Sponsoring the Cultural Bridge awards and scholarship for students

The Cultural Bridge Awards recognize students that bridge the gap among different cultures and their diverse ways of communicating in Great Sedona area.  Students may be selected for an award by recommendation by schools or groups. The scholarships recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the Sedona community through their efforts to bridge cultures.

It is the goal of SKAA to provide opportunities and to encourage students to become active in their community through their cultural service. The scholarships have been established to acknowledge and reward that service.

Promoting Volunteerism

Focused on enhancing the quality of life in the communities where we live and work, SKAA is actively involved with community organizations including:

  • Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Sedona Public Library