November 12th Celebration at the Performing Arts Center

By Ralph Fourmont

Sedona Meditation CenterI read in The Call of Sedona that when you come to Sedona and allow your heart to open, your vision or life’s mission will reveal itself, or a vision that you lost long ago. Like many others, I lost sight of my vision many years ago, and yet it was a vision that was muted and blurred at best. Please let me share not the beautiful vision that I now hold in my heart and my brain, but of the wonderful people who have helped me find that vision with great passion and clarity. Let me share with you my new loving family at the “Celebrate the Sedona Spirit” hosted by the Sedona Meditation Center this last Saturday, on November twelfth.

I began attending the Dahn Yoga classes at the Center on Jordan Road about seven weeks ago, and have increased my attendance to enjoy and learn in a myriad of classes since. I’ve enjoyed energy healing, Dahn Yoga, drumming, Tai Chi, modern dancing, a belly dancing class (I thought it was a yoga class, really!), and special visits from different exotic and spiritual cultures. How could I stay away when I feel so loved, so welcome, and I feel for once in a long time that I may be getting closer to opening my heart and letting Heaven’s beautiful loving energy in to heal my bruised and battered soul. Eventually I made more friends at the center and went on hikes and helped out with various events, so I was quick to volunteer for Ilchi Lee’s appearance on the great event at the Performing Arts Center. Why wouldn’t I be excited and honored to meet the person who was responsible for bringing such a loving, peaceful and crucial mission to humanity? I wanted to enjoy life with my new friends.

Ilchi Lee - Celebrate the Sedona Spirit

The state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center is an amazing building, and we were rushing about trying to prepare in time for the wonderful celebration we had planned. We tied balloons in the cold wind to direct the almost 900 people, set up booths, set out food, prepared the stage and performances; trying to hold it all together like a child with a full bag of groceries on a rickety staircase. The new Meditation Center director, HaeJung Jung, was typically beautiful and brilliant, guiding and thoughtful, yet a powerful mother to us all; appointing places and times like the grand conductor of a massive orchestration. People arrived in droves, exceeding our expectation, and still I had a strong sense of family and belonging as my friends from the center manned booths and assisted visitors. I could not be tied down to a booth as the energy began to grow inside and around me; I found I had to keep moving, running errands, helping, and sharing my energy.

The crowd rushed into the theatre at the appointed hour, and I helped find seats for everyone I could. I shared the kindness and love that I received from the instructors and core members at the meditation center, and experienced such a strong sense of belonging and family, wanting to welcome everyone into this joy and onto this path that I was so freely shown. When Mr. Lee appeared in the audience the crowd responded with a heartfelt cheer and welcome of love and respect. The show began with enthusiasm and excitement, one beautiful and thrilling performance after another of explosive sound, color, and richly flowing culture. But I was too intoxicated by the sheer energy of the event to pay much attention, honestly. The powerful and startling drummers from different cultures, the brilliant dancers, the beautiful singers soaring in my ears; I caught breathtaking and unforgettable glimpses, but had to keep moving, attending, assisting, running between the lobby and the audience. The energy was terrific, and I could not stop; I was drunk with love and excitement, a small child in a huge gathering of close relatives. My heart was open, my family was close, and the night was filled with light and sound and an endless stream of joyful people like ten years of Christmas all in a few hours. We were all connected, and I was glowing.

Sedona Meditation Center - Live Jive and drummers

Nervous and apprehensive later, I waited to take the stage for a Brain Wave Vibration demonstration directed by Ilchi Lee himself. I was honored and deeply grateful to be chosen for this small task, and ecstatic to meet our enlightened teacher. In front of all those people, sitting in a lone chair dancing to the music, I was not alone … I felt everyone giving me their energy, their love, their support. I felt we were all in that chair, I felt we were One. As the rhythm increased, though my body shook and jumped I grew peaceful inside, and still … like a cat in the window on a bright snowy night, warm and safe. As I exited the stage, Mr. Lee took my hand and touched my forehead, and I felt the love and compassion of my new family at that moment, as a bright light filled my heart.

Ilchi Lee at Celebrate the Sedona Spirit

The people left that night in a reluctant rush, more caught up and driven by the energy that filled and unified that Center, than by the thought of beating the parking crowd. Everyone was glowing, and wondrous at the vision they had experienced, excited about learning more about this new Meditation Center that had brought such a remarkable event. I was simply happy, honored and very, very proud of my new group of close family and friends. I felt alive!

(Photos by Franklin Hughes/ Post from


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