60 Years ago – you came to an unknown land to preserve freedom and peace!

We still remember your gallantry and sacrifice!

We always remember you!

The unexpected war put everything into chaos

And we had to put our lives on the line to protect the future of our nation!

Then you gave a warm helping hand to us in times of hardship and despair!

It’s still vivid in my memory that you came to help us in the name of friendship.

When our country’s peace was at stake you came running into danger that might separate you from your loved ones for good.

In a country you never heard of despite challenging weather and fear of war you devoted yourself to defend our freedom and the Republic of Korea.

Do you remember the time we spent together? Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we were all of one mind.

We fought days and nights in severe cold, enduring injuries.

We shed tears for the death of our innocent fellow soldiers.

Your valor and sacrifice served as a foundation for us to regain hope.

In the poorest country that was expected to take over 100 years to rise from the ashes of war.  We exerted every effort to recover from the war.

With the sweat we shed, we began to make a history of miracle amid the ruins of war.

60 years after the war – today Korea emerged as the 10th largest economic power in the world and became the chair of G20 as well as a proud member of the United Nations.

Now Korea is leaping towards a better future. Korea became the first country that transformed itself from an aid recipient to a donor and is reaching out to those in need across the globe.

As you did for us 60 years ago we will always remember your noble sacrifice and warm heart that offered help in the name of friendship.

My dearest friend you will always be our hero.

Thank you United States of America.

60 years of commitment

60 years of friendship.


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