Sedona Military Service Park


We would like to create a Military Service Park in Sedona.  It’s purpose is to honor all our brave men and women who have served their country honorably in times of peace and during war. This monument is meant to be a lasting tribute to their loyalty and bravery. All branches of the military will be represented. Especially Korean War Veterans Memorial Monument  will be dedicated to the many men and women that served during the “forgotten war”.

We intend to modify the existing Jack Jamesen Memorial Park. The center for the park will have a circular viewing area. Surrounding the area’s perimeter, facing inward, are smooth black granite walls. Etched on these walls are the names of veterans who have lived in Sedona. In the middle, flying high overhead, will be Old Glory and the flags from each branch of the service.

What we need right now is your support in funding this project. We’re asking the community to make this military memorial park a reality.  It will be a permanent reminder to us of the sacrifices men and women have made and continue to make to protect our freedom.


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