MOU signed with Korea Kookhak-won

The President of SKAA, Dami Kim visited South Korea this week and signed a MOU with Vice President of Korea Kookhak-won, Kwon Ki-Sun. The MOU signals a commitment by both institutions to mutual cooperation to cultivate leadership of younger generation of Korean Americans.



Leadership Camp for Young Korean Americans (11/11~11/13/2016)


The founding sprit of Korea is the source of strength for developing a new leadership required for the peaceful and sustainable world.

Sedona Korean American Association (SKAA) will work with Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) and Kookhakwon to offer leadership camp for young Korean Americans. ECO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which promotes mindful living, natural health, and sustainability. Kookhakwon is a private research institute dedicated to the study of founding philosophy of Korea.

The camp offered by SKAA will include leadership development, Korean spirit and history, ECO living and sustainability, and Korean traditional mind-body trainings.

Through this 3-day weekend leadership camp, young Korean-Americans will:

  • Develop leadership as global leaders for the future world
  • Attain knowledge and skills for sustainability in their personal lives and community,
  • Acquire deeper understanding of the Korean culture and tradition and enhance confidence and self-esteem as Korean-Americans.


Program Dates

Nov 11~13, 2016 (2 nights 3 days)

March, 2016 (date will be announced later)


Fee: $400 including accommodation at ECO Learning Center (Cottonwood,AZ)

For registration, please click here.

Fore more information, please email at

MOU Agreement between SKAA and ECO (세도나 한인회와 지구시민연합의 MOU체결)

The MOU has been agreed between SKAA and ECO (Earth Citizens Organization) in order to establish arrangements for collaboration to promote public awareness of Korean Culture in the US for the benefit of the public.
1) ECO provides facilities for SKAA to run programs including youth leadership training
2) SKAA promotes Earth Citizenship to its members and the public through its programs and activities
3) SKAA supports ECO to advance its mission
4) ECO provides content and training on Earth Citizenship for the instructors of SKAA

ECO Grand Opening Ceremony

Dami Kim, president of SKAA was invited to Ribbon Cutting ceremony at ECO learning center grand opening. It is such joy to see Korean non profit organization become center of the community for sustainble living in city of Cottonwood. We are very proud as Korean to collaborate with ECO for 2nd, 3rd young Korean generation to deliver Korean Spirit and Earth Citizen leadership.

Message from ECO
We just finished with the Grand Opening Celebration of our ECO Learning Center! It was an amazing event filled with so much love and support from the entire community! We were honored to welcome County Supervisor Chip Davis, Cottonwood City Manager Doug Bartosh, and Marketing Director of the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Masters who presented us with heartfelt, congratulatory speeches as well as a message from Senator Silvia Allen. In addition, our Executive Director of ECO, Steve Kim, revealed his plans to help create a more mindful and sustainable community. Lastly, our founder, Ilchi Lee, gave an inspiring speech about creating a better world through the Earth Citizen Movement. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this monumental achievement possible! We could not have done with without all of your support! We are creating a better world together!



Appointment Ceremony of 5th President of Sedona Korean American Association on Aug 27th, 2016

On August 27, Sedona Korean Association of Northern AZ had appointment ceremony of 5th President to Dami Kim. We appreciate Banya Lim, 4th President for her dedication and contribution for the community for last 6 yrs.
We will continuously deliver Korean Spirit with cultural experiences in gloabl collaboration and partnership.
북아리조나 세도나 제 5대 한인회장 취임식

한국전 참전비 건립 언론 보도 모음

조선일보- 美 애리조나주에 6·25 참전용사비 건립

중앙일보- 미 세도나에 한국전 참전용사비|article|default

KBS 뉴스광장-美 참전용사 뭉쳐 종전 60주년 기념비 세워

한국일보- “잊지않겠습니다”… 애리조나에 참전용사비

미주 중앙일보- 세도나 ‘한국전 참전용사비’ 드디어 제막

세계일보 – 美애리조나 세도나에 한국전참전비

라디오 코리아 – 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립

문화일보 –  “한국전은 우리 모두에게 영원히 기억” 美 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전 참전용사비·공원

헤럴드경제- “美 애리조나주에 한국전 참전용사비 준공” 이승헌 세도나한인회 명예회장 제안으로 2009년 3월 추진, 국가보훈처 보조금 지원

뉴시스 – 美애리조나주 세도나 한국전 참전용사비 준공식

연합뉴스 – 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립

충청일보- 미국 애리조나주 세도나 한국전 참전용사비 준공- 14일, 해외 참전국으로 유일한 기념비 건립

국민일보- [끝나지 않은 전쟁] “한국전쟁은 우리 모두에게 영원히 기억되는 전쟁”

뉴스와이- 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립