ECO Grand Opening Ceremony

Dami Kim, president of SKAA was invited to Ribbon Cutting ceremony at ECO learning center grand opening. It is such joy to see Korean non profit organization become center of the community for sustainble living in city of Cottonwood. We are very proud as Korean to collaborate with ECO for 2nd, 3rd young Korean generation to deliver Korean Spirit and Earth Citizen leadership.

Message from ECO
We just finished with the Grand Opening Celebration of our ECO Learning Center! It was an amazing event filled with so much love and support from the entire community! We were honored to welcome County Supervisor Chip Davis, Cottonwood City Manager Doug Bartosh, and Marketing Director of the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Masters who presented us with heartfelt, congratulatory speeches as well as a message from Senator Silvia Allen. In addition, our Executive Director of ECO, Steve Kim, revealed his plans to help create a more mindful and sustainable community. Lastly, our founder, Ilchi Lee, gave an inspiring speech about creating a better world through the Earth Citizen Movement. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this monumental achievement possible! We could not have done with without all of your support! We are creating a better world together!




Appointment Ceremony of 5th President of Sedona Korean American Association on Aug 27th, 2016

On August 27, Sedona Korean Association of Northern AZ had appointment ceremony of 5th President to Dami Kim. We appreciate Banya Lim, 4th President for her dedication and contribution for the community for last 6 yrs.
We will continuously deliver Korean Spirit with cultural experiences in gloabl collaboration and partnership.
북아리조나 세도나 제 5대 한인회장 취임식

한국전 참전비 건립 언론 보도 모음

조선일보- 美 애리조나주에 6·25 참전용사비 건립

중앙일보- 미 세도나에 한국전 참전용사비|article|default

KBS 뉴스광장-美 참전용사 뭉쳐 종전 60주년 기념비 세워

한국일보- “잊지않겠습니다”… 애리조나에 참전용사비

미주 중앙일보- 세도나 ‘한국전 참전용사비’ 드디어 제막

세계일보 – 美애리조나 세도나에 한국전참전비

라디오 코리아 – 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립

문화일보 –  “한국전은 우리 모두에게 영원히 기억” 美 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전 참전용사비·공원

헤럴드경제- “美 애리조나주에 한국전 참전용사비 준공” 이승헌 세도나한인회 명예회장 제안으로 2009년 3월 추진, 국가보훈처 보조금 지원

뉴시스 – 美애리조나주 세도나 한국전 참전용사비 준공식

연합뉴스 – 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립

충청일보- 미국 애리조나주 세도나 한국전 참전용사비 준공- 14일, 해외 참전국으로 유일한 기념비 건립

국민일보- [끝나지 않은 전쟁] “한국전쟁은 우리 모두에게 영원히 기억되는 전쟁”

뉴스와이- 미국 애리조나주 세도나에 한국전쟁 참전비 건립

Friendship and gratitude celebrated at the military service park.

It’s now been 60 years since the cease-fire of the Korean War. To commemorate this historical milestone, a Friendship and Gratitude Event was held at the Sedona Military Service Park on June 14, 2013. About 150 people, including 75 veterans, joined the event.

Representatives from the South Korean Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the deputy consul general from the Los Angeles Korean Consulate and the president of the federation of U.S. Korean-American Associations attended to express their gratitude and congratulations. During the ceremony, the National Defense Force Service Command awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the Sedona Korean-American Association and Ilchi Lee, who initiated and supported the Korean War Veterans Memorial project.

In his congratulatory speech, the representative of the South Korean Ministry of Veterans Affairs expressed his gratitude to Korean War Veterans. He said, “Thanks to your sacrifice and devotion, a devastated country 60 years ago has now become a country that accomplished a mature liberal democracy with remarkable economic growth. The government of the Republic of Korea will transfer the mind of gratitude to the growing generation and educate them to pay it back by contributing to peace and freedom everywhere in the world.”

The event included a photo exhibition that showed the pictures of Korea during and right after the Korean War 60 years ago, as well as pictures of Korea now. The difference was striking and rewarding, especially to the Korean War veterans who witnessed and experienced Korea during the war. Korean War veterans said their sacrifices were not wasted.

Banya Lim, president of Sedona Korean-American Association said, “We are glad that our effort to enhance understanding and friendship between the two cultures was recognized by both the local community and the Korean government. We gladly accept this as a request for the Sedona Korean-American Association to take more responsibility for the good of the community.”

Korean War Memorial Dedication – June 14, Friday

Korean Vetaran Dedication

Korean Dignitary To Attend Sedona Korean War Memorial Celebration

The “South Korean Minister of Veterans Affairs” from Seoul, Korea, will attend a June 14th celebration hosted by Sedona’s Korean-American Association to celebrate 60 years’ Friendship and Gratitude since the cease-fire of the Korean Conflict.  Local area veterans are invited to join the delegation at a 10am at Sedona Military Service Park, at the intersection of State Route 89A and Northview Drive.  There will be a short musical performance and Korean War photo exhibition, followed at 12pm with a complimentary lunch at the Sedona Meditation Center, 340 Jordan Rd. Sedona, to which all area veterans in cap or uniform are invited.

Sedona Korean-American Association has worked with the Sedona Marine Corps League to create the Sedona Military Service Park. This project was dedicated to the men and women who have honorably served their country during times of peace and war.

Sixty years have passed since the cannons ceased in the Korean War. According to Korean culture, 60 years has special meanings associated with the blessings of longevity and wisdom. Banya Lim, president of the Sedona Korean-American Association said, “We believe this applies to the relationship between South Korea and the United States, too. Underlying the purpose of the Sedona Korean-American Association is the Korean people’s appreciation for the years of continuous friendship and support from the United States.” She also added, “The importance of the strong ties between Korea and the U.S. is highlighted by the recent military tension on the Korean Peninsula.”

That was the spirit that moved Korean-American Association to participate in the Sedona Military Service Park Project. According to Lim, “we wanted to demonstrate and establish a good example of how this tie can be strengthened by voluntary activities in a local community.”

Please RSVP luncheon attendance at 928-282-3600.

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[미주중앙일보] “한국전 정전 60주년에…참전용사비 세워 뜻깊어”


세도나서 14일에 준공식
한인회 홍보위해 LA방문
 북애리조나 세도나 한인회 관계자들이 14일에 있을 준공식에 대해 설명하고 있다. 왼쪽부터 임은진 홍보담당 임반야 회장.
북애리조나 세도나 한인회 관계자들이 14일에 있을 준공식에 대해 설명하고 있다. 왼쪽부터 임은진 홍보담당 임반야 회장.

“한국을 위해 싸운 참전용사들을 위해 기념비 세웁니다.”

북애리조나 세도나 한인회(회장 임반야)가 오는 14일 한국전 참전용사비 준공식을 한다.

준공식을 알리기 위해 세도나에서 본사가 있는 LA를 찾은 한인회 관계자들은 “너무나 뜻깊은 행사”라며 고무된 모습을 보였다.

임반야 회장은 “2009년 세도나 한인회 이승헌 명예회장이 기념비 건립을 건의하고 세도나 시정부에서 3만5000 스퀘어피트 규모의 땅을 무상으로 제공하면서 이번 사업이 시작됐다”며 “그 후 우리 한인회와 이 지역 미 해병대 전우회가 공동으로 11만 달러의 기금을 마련했고 드디어 준공식을 하게 됐다”고 설명했다. 그는 이어 “애초에 한국전 참전비만 건립하려고 했으나 이 지역 베테랑 협회에서 취지가 좋다고 판단해 동참하게 되어 베테랑 파크도 함께 지어 동시에 오픈 기념식을 한다”며 “이에 한국정부에서도 일정액 기금을 보내와 공사를 마무리할 수 있었다”고 덧붙였다.

임은진 홍보담당은 “특히 올해 한국전 정전 60주년인데 준공식을 때맞춰 할 수 있어 더욱 뜻깊다”며 “남가주 지역 한인사회의 큰 관심을 부탁한다”고 말했다.

연간 500만 명의 관광객이 찾는 세도나는 기의 흐름이 세다고 하여 힐링 및 명상의 요지로 각광을 받고 있다. 한편 이번 행사는 오전 11시부터 세도나 밀리터리 서비스 파크에서 지역 주민 및 한국 보훈처 관계자 LA총영사관 관계자 등 주요 인사 200여 명이 참석한 가운데 거행될 예정이다.

[RedRock News] Locals to honor Korean War’s end

RedRockNews_Korean War Monument

The Korean War raged across the tiny peninsula before ending nearly 60 years ago.

More than 2.5 million Koreans from both North and South Korea were killed as communist and democratic forces waged a proxy war pitting the rival world powers of the United States, Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union against each other during the early years of the Cold War.

To commemorate the end of the war, Sedona will soon welcome South Korean Minister of Patriots and Veteran Affairs, Sungchoon Park, who will attend the Korean-American War Memorial celebration hosted by the Sedona Korean-American Association on Friday, June 14, at 10 a.m. at the Sedona Military Service Park.